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Not sure where to begin?  Too many to choose from?  Like to try something new?  A Sampler may be the perfect answer.  You have a wide choice – Black, Green, Organic, Flavored, Decaf………Most Samplers contains several teas, a canister and tea scoop, packed in a jute bag with a tag and steeping instructions for all teas.

For those just starting their Tea adventure, we recommend the Silver Tips Sampler or a simple Black or Green Tea Sampler.  For those looking to upgrade their palates, the Tea Master's Sampler is a cost-effective way to taste high-end teas.  Don't forget our Starter Kits which provide everything you need to make the perfect cup.  Enjoy your tea tasting experience.  And, as always, let us know what you think!
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Shop Tea Samplers/ Starter Kits

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