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Moonlight & Melon

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Absolutely wonderful! A blend of Organic China White (Pai Mu Tan/White Peony) with the fragrant, tropical essence of fresh melon! A bestseller.


Customer Reviews

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Heaven & Bliss in a cup

My 9 year old loved having our Special mommy & me days at the Tarrytown location and were heart broken when they closed but made sure to buy Moonlight before we left on our last visit. The taste is pure honey dew melon but not overwhelming. It's delicious and delicate. We enjoy it at home together and are ready to order more!

My Go-to Tea, Hot or Cold

This is, by far, my favorite Silver Tips tea, and the one I return to again and again. On cold days, I brew a cup to let the fruity flavor lift the winter blues, and on warm days, I enjoy glasses of refreshing iced tea. A winner!

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Steeping Instructions

Use 1 Tbsp. of leaf per 8 oz. cup.
Steep 3 mins.
Can be re-infused.
Milk not recommended.