One more Convert to Tea

This evening, we took our friend Alice out for her birthday at our local Japanese restaurant. They serve a great salad with their signature Asian ginger dressing and Genmaicha tea. We usually finish our meal with green tea ice cream. Today we got an extra order for Alice. By the way, I've noticed how many Japanese restaurants have switched from Sencha to Genmaicha.

Alice has our Zingy Tang tea each morning at work. This is one of our most popular green blends - green with ginger, orange and peach. To reduce caffeine, she always pours out the first cup and then enjoys the second cup. Recently, her co-worker, a dedicated coffee drinker, who believes tea is only for when you are sick, has been quietly enjoying Alice's first discarded cup. She has now gone from reluctantly accepting the first cup to asking for it, then making a cup for herself and, finally, purchasing it for herself when last she visited our Tea Room.

Isn't life grand!
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