Tea being served at Construction Site...

This past Sunday, like all Sundays, I was at the tearoom and got to talking with John and Mary Roche, regular customers of ours now for many years. John told me he had finally given in and was now buying loose leaf tea and steeping it and taking it to the construction site and that the guys loved it. Construction site!? He had my attention.

Apparently, they were at a fast food chain recently where Lipton's Iced Tea was available. One of his construction guys, who was from the South, mentioned that iced tea was uniquitous where he came from. John decided he should get in the act. He now laboriously steeps one gallon of Makaibari Autumnal Darjeeling and takes it iced to the construction site where his guys are now enjoying one of the finest teas in the world! I gave John some disposable filters to make the steeping a little easier and told him to be prepared to see his name in the lights. True to my word, this is his story - so here's to the guys at Straightforward Construction, Inc. Keep it up, fellas. Who says tea is for women in front parlors?
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