China Black - Yunnan

I covered Keemun yesterday and today, a word on the other China black - Yunnan. This has become one of our favorite teas - rich, creamy, earthy and great flavor in every cup. Some resemble Assam in leaf style with many golden and red tips. The cup and quality can range from a plain black with a bold cup to Royal Gold with all tips, commanding a high price for leaf style and character. High quality Yunnans leave a taste of chocolate in the mouth.

Yunnan is a province in the south west part of China. Our Ancient Forest Yunnan and Dian Black (Golden Halo) are from Menghai County towards the western part of this province bordering Burma. Two villages in this county, Manmai and Mannong have some of the oldest tea producing areas in the world still producing commercial teas. Our organic, fair trade yunnans are from Mannong in the Hekai Tea Mountain area. This a truly natural environment, biologically diverse, blessed with rich soil with no conventional or clonal tea crops. These are authentic true old-growth trees growing to 9 – 20 ft. in height. The tea is rich & robust, a classic black tea that takes well to milk. We carry a 2nd grade Yunnan, two organic, fair trade Yunnans, a beautiful Yunnan Royal Gold and a stunning Zhen Qu which looks like a shimmering carpet of gold. Taste one - it could become your favorite too.

Pictured here - Yunnan 2nd grade in the canister, Organic Fair Trade Dian Black in the lid, Yunnan Royal Gold in the left foreground, Zhen Qu towards the back left.
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