More on Ayurvedic Teas

42-15200386We tasted and blended a great many teas in the past couple of days and a few passed our test.   I'm happy to report that we've decided to add 4 teas in our Ayurvedic line to correspond to the five great elements - Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Space. We will provide brief explanations to illustrate the specific Ayurvedic properties of each.  We may even carry a simple questionnaire at the store so customers can see which Dosa best describes them - Pitta, Vata or Kapha.  We're still working through our final selections for additional Black, Green, Flavored and Herbals.  One selection is certain - a Herbal Chocolate Chai in response to the many who have asked for it.   Next week we will blend and cup many more.  It's a grand experiment and fun most of the time!