The authenticity of Darjeeling

darj logoIt is a commonly known fact in the tea industry that although 10 million kgs. of Darjeeling tea are produced annually, 40 million kgs. get sold as "Darjeeling" every year!  The venerable name has significant brand recognition and any respected tea trader worth his reputation, wants it as part of his portfolio.  The Tea Board of India has been working diligently over the past few years to protect the authenticity of pure Darjeeling tea.  Its patience and hard work will finally pay off because it may soon receive the European Unions prestigious Protective Geographical Indication seal. Similar to Gorgonzola, Roquefort or Asiago Cheese or Champagne, all of which need to meet specific criteria to carry that name, Darjeeling will now be required to be from that area and no other.  It would make it illegal for any country or company use the famous Darjeeling seal or brand for their teas if it does not originate in that region.  You can be assured that ALL our Darjeeling teas in our catalogue or online are 100% Darjeeling, most from single estates such as Makaibari, Castleton, Upper Namring, Rohini, Gopaldhara or blends that are 100% from that area.  The chests we import from Darjeeling also carry this logo.CIMG1107