Edible work of art..

CIMG1214Truly, the world is an amazing place.  Look at the gift we received yesterday from one of our customers!  A cake in the shape of a teapot with a matching folded napkin.  It took all our fortitude to pause, take a photo and not cut into it immediately.  The story behind the cake decorator/artist is equally amazing.  Kimberly Bailey moved from New York to Los Angeles for a change of pace.  As she describes it in her website, www.thebutterend.com, a year into her stay there, cancer paid her a visit.  She changed direction and found her creative outlet in designing cakes which was her life-saver.  Aren't we fortunate to receive one of her glorious cakes as a gift?CIMG1211  Today we plan to demolish it!  Thanks, Kimberly.
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