Our favorite Tea Book

SERENDIPITEA BOOKOf all the tea books we've come across, the one we love best and recommended most was a little book called, "Serendipitea, a guide to the varieties, origins, and rituals of tea" by our good friend, Tomislav Podreka.  It was published in 1998 and quickly went out of print.  Happily, it has just been reprinted and we got them in yesterday.  We've put it on the website and it will be in the Tea Room today.  It's a great little book - an easy read, informative, fun and full of facts, recipes and anecdotes to please everyone.  There are other more definitive books but this one is the one we put on top of our list.  If you order online, we're offering it with a complimentary 2 ounces of Serendipitea, the tea - a Sencha Green with Wild Pineapple, Papaya and tropical flavor and at a great discount.  You won't regret it!