Darjeeling news

gorkhalandThis week, the central government of India stated that a separate state would be carved out in the southern part of the country called Telengana.  The best known city in this region would be Hyderabad.  This has given new impetus to the on-and-off Gorkhaland movement in Darjeeling.  Ethnic Nepalese have been clamoring for a separate state comprising Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kurseong and surrounding regions, for years.  A hunger strike has been called for the next 5 days and droves of tourists are making their way down the hills to escape the 'bandh' or stoppage.  My sister has sped to Siliguri to get supplies to cover the next several days.  Life in Darjeeling can be hard at the best of times but with open roads and markets and access to nearby towns, everything moves.  For the next few days, all will be at a standstill - no shops, no businesses, no cars, trucks or tourists and no work at the tea plantations.  For everyone's sake, I hope this matter sees some resolution soon.
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