January resolutions

I'm told a year without resolutions can be a year without accomplishments.  For a company, resolutions are plans, a roadmap for the year.  Our Tea Room is no exception.  You may not see the action behind the scenes but nothing gets done if we don't plan for it.  Tablecloth colors, Teas on Sale, Specials, Menu changes, monthly celebrations such as Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, weekend desserts, new tea introductions - all these are slotted in on our annual calendar.  We staff up & stock up, write them up, publicize them and finally implement them. Our expanded tearoom has resulted in an unintended consequence - how to organize large events which require plating at the same time.  It's one thing to serve 16-18 at one time, it's quite another to serve 36-40!  We're brainstorming that one.  Here's some of our thinking for 2010:
  • We'll survey you for your comments about tea, food and service. 
  • We'll have specials for our Loyalty Card holders and award 100 bonus points to two lucky card holders each month. 
  • We will introduce new teas in the first quarter. 
  • We will have different Teas on Sale each month. 
  • We will offer Tea Tasting sessions for smaller groups on weekday afternoons. 
"It's tough to make predictions," Yogi Berra said, "especially about the future" but we're going to try.
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