Words of Praise

This weekend I'm busy doing accounts and year-end closings for my accountant's meeting this coming week.  Detailed, arcane, mud-slogging work.  In the midst of spreadsheets and analysis, this arrived by e-mail:
True to form, Joe and Sally were at Silver Tips today for tea and sandwiches.  As you know, it was a damp and gray day.  But it was pleasant at Silver Tips.  Both of us want to let you know what a dear person Christina is.  As always, she greeted us and made us feel welcome.  (As do the others who work there.)  And she was doing the same for everyone who sat down.  Good people are the essential ingredient in any formula for success.  Clearly, Silver Tips is an excellent example of the right model.
That is just beautiful.  How nice to be acknowledged and how kind to take the time to write.  Thanks, Joe & Sally (in the foreground with our other good friends, Joe and Rosemary)!  We enjoy having you as much as you enjoy coming to visit.