Special T by Nestle - A Very Fancy Tea Maker

The New York Times on June 1, 2010 carried an article titled, "At $160 a Machine, Nestle Tries to Bring Its Coffee Technology to the Teapot".  Based on the success of its Nespresso coffee pod system in Europe, it figured the next area to conquer was tea.  I have heard no shortage of comments on this article in the past few days ranging from - Are they crazy, to Have you seen it, to Another machine?  But none was better than this one from our good friend and customer, Joe.  It summarized the bulk of the comments we heard:
How does one top the notion of $160 to boil water?  Might tea drinkers have some ideas?  How about tea sachets wrapped in 14 c. gold envelopes?  Or a water filter that uses diamond dust?  And who would have guessed that such a teapot is needed in this economy?
That about says it all.
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