Do we have it good or what...

 Jul 15, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Have any of you ever had a landlord who provided free ice cream for all their tenants?!  Well, we are enjoying that very experience.  Imagine our astonishment when our landlord, Mack Cali sent around a circular earlier this week with the subject matter, "Tenant Appreciation Day - Ice Cream Event" announcing the specific times an Ice Cream truck would be at each of their office buildings.  Mind you, this is not a small office park.  It comprises 23 buildings so it required two trucks which needed to be co-ordinated with military precision!  Our building, 150 Clearbrook, was scheduled between 1 to 1.15 pm.  Rodney at our office was in severe distress all day because today he is assigned to the Tea Room and would miss all the fun.  We assured him we would pick up an Ice cream for him, something in Chocolate, he said.  We took a picture to prove this entire story is true because I know some of you will think we are making this up for entertainment on a hot day.  My selection was a Krunch Klondike Bar, Gina got a Taco Choco bar and we picked up a Chocolate Lover's Big Dipper for Rodney.  Now, back to work....

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