Tarrytown's Foreign Students

On the beautiful grounds of Marymount College in Tarrytown, now part of Fordham College, is Tarrytown's International School of English.  Every 2 weeks, classes begin for intensive English study, both for general and academic use.  Student breakdown is 55% from Asia, 20% from Europe, 15% from Latin America, 5% from Africa and 5% from the Middle East.  For those of us located right in the heart of Tarrytown, it is not uncommon to see groups of foreign students walking together, visiting shops on Main Street and venturing down to the train station for trips to Manhattan. Last week, one of these students, a 19-year old from Spain, paid us a visit at the Tea Room.  We noticed him outside, carefully reading our logo and boards outside and then he made his decision and came in.  He said he didn't know how hungry he was so we recommended a Salad to begin.  He ordered our Roma Salad (with sundried tomatoes and feta cheese), loved it and proceeded to add a Tarry Chicken Sandwich to his order along with Iced Tea.  Then he contemplated the scones and said, "This scone - what is it"?  We explained.  He was not familiar with cranberries or blueberries so this was an education for him.  After his meal, he carefully counted out his cash, paid the bill and mentioned very clearly that he had been instructed by the International School teachers to leave a tip at all the restaurants he frequented in town since this was no longer Spain but America.  How nice to know they are receiving education in not just English but the ways of the world.