Flowering teas

One of our regular customers told us last week that he was intimidated by Flowering Teas.  When we asked why, he said it seemed such a production to steep them.  So here's de-mystifying flowering teas and by the way, you can find small canisters of assorted flowering teas at the Tea Room for $5 a canister.  First, what are these?  They are hand-tied to bloom into flowers and other distinct shapes when steeped in water.  Originally from China, now one can also get display teas (also called artisan teas) from other origins, e.g., India.  Second, you can steep them in anything, preferably glass so you can enjoy the bloom.  You don't need a glass mug or teapot - you can use a goblet, wine glass, glass bowl - anything that allows the tea to bloom.  Third, they are easy to steep and can give you many cups of tea because as you pour each cup, just add more water.  These teas rarely become bitter.   Finally, it's a simple, breathtaking pause in your day - a beautiful bit of poetry in a cup.
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