Organic and GMO's

Two questions came in last week from our customers (one retail, one wholesale) on whether our Organic teas were free of GMO's.  This bears explanation.  GMO stands for genetically modified organism and if a product carries the USDA organic seal, it is free of GMOs.  There is a heated debate over GMOs with many parts of the world banning products that include it without proper labelling.  The U.S. has not adopted that policy.  Proponents in favor of GMOs argue it is completely safe and needed to solve the world's poverty.  Those against it point out that it reduces biodiversity, increases dependence on a smaller number of crops and increases the need for pesticides.  Injecting genetic material from another species is the business of genetic modification and by choosing organic, you avoid the presence of GMOs.  At the very least, consumers should know which products contain GMOs and be able to make the decision themselves but over the years, this proposal has been defeated.  If you are concerned about the presence of GMO's, choose organic.  Read more about it here. 
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