Hibiscus in herbal teas

Question from a customer yesterday:  Why do so many herbal teas have hibiscus?  Answer:  To steep quickly and provide color.  If you steeped a bunch of herbs like lavender, chamomile, yarrow, blackberry leaf, nettle, orange peel....it would take you quite a while to get some flavor and a much longer time to get any color at all.  So one easy way of blending is to add hibiscus which instantly provides color but also adds tartness.  In our early years, most of our fruit tisanes had hibiscus and the only herbs we had were chamomile and peppermint but over the years, we've added many herbal blends which have no hibiscus but still have a lot of flavor.  These include Herb Revive and Mystic Mint.  We've also sourced fruit tisanes with lower acidity such as Toasted Almond, Cotton Candy and Wolfberry Melon.