2011 Makaibari teas

Earlier this year, a prominent tea company, Special Teas, closed its doors.  Some of its customers were left without a tea supplier and a few found their way to us.  One such customer, Elise, quizzed me in detail about our Makaibari teas and pointed out that she had grown accustomed to Special Teas' great service and tea selection.  After a fairly lengthy conversation, she did place an order.  Recently, she called back inquiring about 2011 Makaibari teas - were they in, were they any good, what did I recommend.  Once again, she placed an order.   Yesterday, we received a  hand-written note in the mail:
I received my MAKAIBARI tea order and was very pleased with it.  Thank you for allowing me to order over the telephone.  The MAKAIBARI 2011 1st flush has a fullness and roundness that is particularly excellent.  The flavor really surprised me because it is mellow, yet distinctively "rich" with muscatel qualities.  All the teas you sent are very delicious and I am enjoying them.
Thank you Elise!  
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