Chai stories

Here's a story that tells you how serious people are about their quest for a good Chai and that we've made the grade!  One of our online customers has tried every Chai we have had - even White Chai when we had it.  Recently, we took Kashmiri Green Chai off the retail list to make room for some new teas.  He noticed and promptly sent in a query asking if we were planning to put it back.  I immediately posted it back on the site and alerted him.  He wrote back this morning:
In my quest for a good chai I've tasted so many brands before and none of them comes close to your teas.  Silver Tips' flavors are the most intense, the leaves are whole, and there's a good balance of different aromas....Temple Chai is for me your flagship chai, it is grand.  It is because of you guys that I've stopped drinking coffee.
He told us to keep concocting new infusions and new creations.  We will.  Thanks for making our day.