Soup for Big and Small

Little Matilda comes often to Silver Tips with her mother.  Some days, her mom told us, she is fussy about her food and nothing will please her.  On those days, she's discovered that the one thing that Matilda will eat is Silver Tips' soup.  Now we've known for a while that our soups have a following.  It's the reason we post them on our Facebook page, the reason why some customers call each morning and why we pore through recipe books and experiment to add new ones.  And we're not talking Chicken Noodle here.  Our soups include Chick Pea & Canellini, Leek & Potato, Moroccan Pasta with Vegetable, Tuscan Bean & Barley, Corn & Red Pepper and we have 30 others!  But still.  Little Matilda's love for our soups is precious.  Today was Vegetable Barley and she said "More!" and was working her way through her second bowl (cup for her).  She will be 2 in a few months and she radiates joy each time she visits.  You can waltz into our lives any time you wish.
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