Starting them young..

Our very good friend and customer, Chris, brought a young person to Tea the other day.  It was her friend's 13-year old daughter.  The plan was for Chris to have lunch while her guest had her favorite Chocolate Mousse.  As an opening tea, not knowing what her tastes may be, Chris suggested Coco Choco Blast - her own special blend of Coconut Vanilla and Chocolate.  After this had been served and enjoyed, our young friend asked if she could choose a tea of her choice.  Chris readily agreed.  To her amusement and surprise, she selected Gyokuro.  Now this is not just any  tea.  This is the top grade of Japanese Green that we carry.  Chris watched with amazement as she not only enjoyed it but bought 2 oz. to take home.  Additionally, she had a Flowering Display Tea (shown here).  Chris, who stays with more robust teas, usually with a fruity flavor, was quite astonished at how her friend's daughter so quickly took to high-end green teas.   Job well done, Chris!  Another tea convert.
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