Tea Tasting by Silver Tips in Philadelphia

We've been invited by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to conduct a Tea Tasting in Philadelphia next week.  We're featuring teas from India and China and will include black, green, oolong and flowering teas.  We're also planning a little quiz and prizes!  After the tea tasting, Allison Rulon-Miller, founder of From Lost to Found Travel will introduce a trip to South India in January 2013.   She has just returned from a trip to India and stopped by at Makaibari in early May and said hello to Srirupa and Rajah Banerjee (my sister and brother-in-law), owners of the estate.  Allison can be credited with putting this entire program together and we thank her for the opportunity.  Stay tuned for pictures and feedback from the event and our trip to Philly next week.
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