Tea & Health

The Fifth International Scientific Symposium on Tea & Human health was held mid-September in Washington, DC at the US Department of Agriculture.  Co-sponsors were the American Cancer Society, The American College of Nutrition,  the Tea Council of the USA and several other very big names.  The symposium covered both details of the specific properties in tea providing benefits - Flavonoids, Polyphenols - as well as careful examination of the effects of tea on various aspects of general health.  Interest in tea and its health benefits has been extensively covered in the media.  More than 5600 scientific studies have been conducted in just the past 5 years.  Conclusive evidence is now presented linking tea to weight loss as well as enhancing human health.  Read more detail here and remember even one cup of black, green, oolong or white tea a day can be of enormous benefit to you.  The areas benefiting from the consumption of tea were Weight Loss, Heart Health, Bone & Muscle Strength and prevention of chronic illness.
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