Why consumers buy Organic

A recent poll of its consumer panel by SupermarketGuru found the leading reasons why consumers buy organic is to:
  • Avoid pesticides - 78%
  • Health of themselves and their family - 70%
  • To avoid additives - 63%
  • To support farmers & growers - 51%
  • Because they are good for the environment - 51%
  • Because they support the principles that organic stands for - 47%
Only 40% said they purchase organic products based on nutrition.  Of the entire panel, 61% said that they buy organic foods.  This study was cited in the Fall 2012 issue of The Organic Report, published by the Organic Trade AssociationClick here to select from our extensive collection of Organic Teas.  And always look for the official USDA Organic seal on products.  Do not be fooled by the words "natural" or "low pesticide".  Those are not organic.  
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