The World of Coffee

How little some of us know about coffee.  If you're like me, you probably enjoy a good cup of coffee daily.  I got some great beans over the holiday - Guatemala, Blue Smoke Coffee's Firefly and Canopy blends and, of course, my staple which is a nice, robust, full-bodied Guatemala or Sumatra from Coffee Labs next door.  In the December 2012 edition of Beverage World, they highlighted the singular role of coffee as the leading beverage choice among consumers around the globe.  Some interesting statistics caught my eye. Top 10 U.S. Single Cup Coffee Brands
  1. Green Mountain
  2. Folgers Gourmet Selection
  3. Starbucks
  4. Newman's Own Organics
  5. Donut House Collection
  6. Keurig Caribou Coffee
  7. Donut Shop Coffee People
  8. Millstone
  9. Tully's Coffee
  10. Gloria Jeans Coffee
Top 10 Coffee-Producing Countries (this was an education!):
  1. Brazil
  2. Vietnam
  3. Indonesia
  4. Columbia
  5. Ethiopia
  6. Peru
  7. India
  8. Honduras
  9. Mexico
  10. Guatemala
Among the leading Coffee consuming countries, the U.S. was #1 with Brazil being #2.
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