Tea Lounge at the Radisson

Dinner yesterday was at the swanky Radisson at the Waterfront restaurant in the Grand Lobby.  Why Waterfront when there is not a bit of water nearby?  The lobby surrounds a massive square black granite which, on closer inspection, turns out to be water!  This architectural marvel is quite remarkable - no spillover, no waterfall, no cascades, just a square of shiny black water with clean edges.  Dinner was a sumptuous buffet with Western and Indian food, beautifully arranged and obviously popular with both hotel guests and locals.  One interesting note, unlike most hotels which have the ubiquitous coffee shop, this one had a Tea Lounge called Caramel with tea choices that included not only Darjeeling and Assam but Rose Basil, Ginger Green, Chamomile and Lemon.  The Lounge is open 11 am to 11 pm and a pot of tea costs approx. $2.50.  Alas, no time to visit the Spa or other amenities!
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