Top 10 Food Trends for 2013

Here's the list published by the Sterling-Rice Group's culinary council - this is a brand strategy firm:
  1. Sour flavors - lemon is in!
  2. Better-for-the-waistline food - chefs will be replacing butter and bacon...
  3. Small plates for one.
  4. Asian comfort food - specially the flavors of Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.
  5. Veggie power - much more than just sides.
  6. Sophisticated kids' menus - look for kid-friendly versions of adult options.
  7. Savory and fruit flavors - look for fruit to be used with savory items.
  8. American artisanal foods - not just from Europe.
  9. No diner left behind - gluten-free to vegan, all-inclusive menus.
  10. Popcorn - considered the "snack of 2013" - look for them to appear everywhere.
Excerpted from Specialty Food Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013.  
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