Makaibari greets Dr. Mahendra Lama

_1453101653_n[1]Unrest continues in Darjeeling but the tea estates have been granted an exemption and are able to continue manufacture though with great limitations.  Last week, a huge rally was organized with the aim to cover the entire distance from Siliguri (in the plains) to Darjeeling (in the hills).  Led by former Vice-Chancellor of Sikkim University, Dr. Mahendra P. Lama, it gathered hundreds of activits along the way along with several intellectuals.  Makaibari, on the Pankhabari Road, lies directly on the path to Darjeeling and so it was that this enormous group was greeted by Rajah & Srirupa Banerjee, owners of Makaibari.  (Photo shows Srirupa Banerjee greeting Dr. Lama).  The peaceful Padyatra (journey by foot) aims to bring peace to the region and also to gain the support of the plains people for the separate statehood movement.  Dr. Lama is a strong proponent of education, both primary and secondary, and is a luminary in the academic world.  The rally is significant and not an easy feat to accomplish - Siligiru is almost at sea level while Darjeeling is almost 7000 feet above level.  Makaibari, in the middle, is around 4500 feet above sea level.
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