Watched Flowering Tea being manufactured today in China

Adding The FlowerFlowering Tea being made
We visited one of our tea suppliers in Fuzhou today in China.  One of our main attractions today was watching Flowering Tea being made from scratch.  Today was on a base of White tea, gently withered, then sprinkled with water to make it malleable.  Step one - take each long leaf one at a time, make it into a bundle.  Step two, tie it with twine.  Step three, turn it down shape it into a base of a flower, spread the leaves out like petals.  Then take a flower, in this case, chrysanthemum, and with a needle, sew it into the flower and then keep shaping it until it forms into the astounding shapes we have come to love.  Let a picture say a thousand words.  I will add much more detail upon our return - for now enjoy these beautiful pictures.