Chinese restaurants in China

On our last day, we visited the Green Tea Restaurant in Longjing Village.  This is a popular stop for tourists and locals alike and look how picturesque it is with a lake in the middle.  Ordering is efficient with each menu item having a box next to it so you can check off what you want and as the dishes arrive, the servers can keep track of what has been served.  Menu categories are Cold Dishes, Signature Dishes, Hot Dishes, Soup, Main Food, Desserts, Sweet Treats, Specialty Drinks, Fruit juices, Tea & Coffee and Wine.  A particularly intriguing section was called Iced Sand which included dishes such as Strawberry Milk Snow Ice and Shaved Ice Milk.  I have no idea what these could possibly be.  We ordered a multitude of dishes, among them Deep fried shredded Lotus, Tea tree Mushroom Stir Fry and Eggplants fried with Cabbage.  The piece de resistance was easily dessert.  First, a sesame-encrusted taro cake, served warm with a mildly sweet filling.  This was almost enough when we spotted a square bread box at the next table with ice cream inside.  They innocently call it Bread Temptation but it's much more than that. 
Sad to say we devoured it immediately and did no think to take a picture until it was demolished and too untidy to capture.  The consistency of the actual bread box is something between a sponge cake and pound cake but firmer and the ice cream is like melted custard.  Inside the box are bread cubes soaked in ice cream and you get to fish them out one at a time with your chopsticks and then break off the outer box for added pleasure.   For our beverage, we had Lime Grapefruit Juice - tart and refreshing.  Our great thanks to Danielle for taking us here and guiding us through the menu.  This was quite a meal.
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