In appreciation..

mother's day 2011 - TipstersWe lost a good friend last week - Marilyn Aggleton.  She passed away much too soon.  In February of this year, Marilyn & Dave moved to California to be closer to their children.  Until then, they were part of our community and a very special part of Silver Tips.  A great group of 6 people made up The Tipsters - the Salvos, the Costas and the Aggletons.  They all met at Silver Tips and over the years, formed a very close bond and shared each others' lives.  And they were regulars, lunching together at Silver Tips as a group on Sundays and individually during the week. Marilyn had a fervent attachment to our Balzac sandwich.  This is our house Ham & Cheese served on whole wheat.  Over the years, and specially as her time to move drew near, she grew extremely agitated about her withdrawal from our Balzac.  The last year or so, she tried to replicate the sandwich.  First she got our recipe and procured her own bread, ham, cheese slices, honey mustard and a sandwich spread.  That did not work for her.  Next, she asked for a sample of our honey mustard.  Slowly, she got from us samples of our bread, deli ham, swiss cheese slices and condiments and still, she could not achieve the desired result.  This went on for months.  It got to the point where she was investigating buying a different toaster in case her current toaster was the culprit causing the unsatisfactory results!  She had many conversations about overnighting the sandwich, giving the recipe to local California establishments and on it went.  The separation from her beloved Balzac was, in turns, fun and agonizing to watch.  This was a serious pursuit.  A small bundle of energy, Marilyn was the life of the party.  She talked to everyone, made friends easily and brought us countless hours of joy.  Silver Tips will be diminished by her loss.  Here are the Tipsters in happier times.  Marilyn is in the one in the dark cardigan, top left.  Rest in peace, Marilyn.
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