Learning Marketing from a Dog Walker

I'm teaching a class at next month's World Tea Expo in California - "Keeping the Customer Engaged".  I've taught other classes before - How to Conduct a Successful Tea Tasting, Applying Big Business Marketing Principles to your Small Business, Help, My Tea Room Needs Revenue....but this one needs examples and proven tactics.  This morning I came across this wonderful and surprising article in The New York Times about Mr. Costello Caldwell, a 67-year old professional dog walker from whom we can learn a thing or two.  I plan to use some of his brilliant quotes and perceptive analysis in my marketing presentation, notably:
If you look official, people tend to trust you. When you wear it, you start to act the part. We're a visual society. You need a gimmick.  You need to stand out.
Hats off to Mr. Caldwell.  He understands the principles of Marketing better than some CEO's.
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