Appreciation received from a Customer

Thank you for CateringA couple of Saturdays ago, we had a Catering order for Sandwiches, Scones and Desserts for one of our regular customers.  It was for a bridal shower for her future daughter-in-law.  The planning took a few months via e-mail, visits, samplings and a few rounds of fine-tuning.  After it was all said and done, our customer, Barbara, e-mailed me and then called me to let me know that everything went off beautifully, her guests were extremely happy with the selections and the arrangements and could she add her personal thanks by way of an extra gratuity to those who worked on her Catering.  I explained to her that a portion of the revenue did go to the staff who actually handled the food prep and plating but that it was perfectly acceptable to add her special thanks.  We were so touched when she personally dropped by with a card which read:
Thanks for the delicious and beautiful arrangement of tea sandwiches for my future daughter-in-law, Amy's bridal shower.  Amy and her friends and family loved them.  I appreciated how easy it made life for me giving her the shower!  Thanks for your hard work - it was appreciated!
Barbara - thank YOU for taking the time to convey your sentiments and what a gorgeous card!