News about Makaibari

MB GREEN CHESTAs many of you may know, I have a personal connection to Makaibari - my sister, Srirupa, is married to Rajah Banerjee, the owner.  Rajah has managed the estate for the past 4 decades and taken it from conventional to organic and biodynamic and has just concluded a successful partnership and sale of his majority share to the Luxmi Group.  Rajah will retain Chairmanship and management of Makaibari and to all intents and purposes, from our customer's point of view, nothing has changed.  Makaibari will receive much wider distribution within India and, over time, we may enhance the brand overseas including in the U.S.   We will continue to manage its presence here through both our companies - Eco-Prima for wholesale and Silver Tips for retail.  Meanwhile, a fuller account of the story was just published this morning on the World Tea News site and you can read more here.
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