Organic Golden Yunnan

ORG GOLDEN YUNNANA good China Yunnan is a very well-kept secret.  Assams are well-known but  its not-so distant cousin Yunnan gets much less respect.  Not so in our Tea Room where our golden-tipped Yunnan has an extremely loyal following.  Yunnan in China is just across the border from Northeast India where Assam is located.  Not surprising, therefore, that the teas are a bit similar.  Yunnans are creamy, earthy and the premier grades have a deep chocolate note that is indulgent.  Great Yunnans have a profusion of gold tips and go by names such as Royal Golden Yunnan, Yunnan Imperial or Gold Tip Yunnan.  They are also called Dianghong in China and hence our name for it  - Dian Black.  The region is known for ancient trees, some growing to great heights with tall tea trees sometimes being mistaken for forests.  Women climb to pluck the tea leaves.   You will know a good Yunnan from the brightness of the dry leaf and tips as well as the richness of the cup.  Here is our new lot just being introduced and it's a winner!  This is authentic Golden Yunnan, Certified Organic as well as Fair Trade.
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