The record-breaking Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial

RARE SILVER TIPS IMPERIALJust before the summer solstice this year, on the full moon night of June 13, from a minute past midnight to 3 am, specially trained women plucked the two leaves and a bud by the light of hand-held tallow torches at Makaibari Estates in Darjeeling.  The plucking time of 2 hours, 59 minutes was fixed after intensive study of the biodynamic calendar and precise astronomical charts. Rajah Banerjee, Chairman of Makaibari, explained that during the full moon, water content in all life forms decreases. "What you have in the tender tea leaves and bud is the disitilled essence of the plant with all its subtle flavours and characters".  A very small amount of limited reserve Silver Tips Imperial was produced and acquired by only 3 buyers in the world in the UK, Japan and by us here.  The sale was covered by the local and international press for being the highest priced tea sold out of India. We are proud to offer this remarkable, limited edition tea in 1 oz. lots. Each ounce is in a specially packed canister with a card that explains the background and cites the lot number for this tea - DJ 158/14.  It is exclusive and has faint notes of peach and steeps a light cup.  A special batch of 420 jars of 12 gms. each is being offered in the UK with the name Moonlight Silver Tips and Japan just launched it at the prestigious Biofach Trade Show in late November.  Its properties were considered so beneficial that a sought-after cosmetics designer in Japan created an anti-aging serum using Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial.  The tea is certified Organic, Biodynamic and Fair Trade. Celebrate the best of Makaibari!
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