Customers Making Our Day

As many of you know, we overhauled our website and re-launched it mid-November.  This is always tricky. Despite the improvements a new site may bring, a re-activation of account is almost necessary and with it, inevitably, comes headaches. We had our fair share but we believe it is now on track and here's some of the initial feedback from our loyal customers base:

"Many thanks.  As always, doing business with Silver Tips is a pleasure.  Your website ordering service is THE BEST.  I recommend it to anyone that I know who is a tea drinker.  You give quality, value, and service all with gracious smiles and kindness.  Best wishes to you and all at Silver Tips for a prosperous new year full of many good things."

"A quick note to tell you that I do like your new website.  Not only is it user friendly but delightful to look at.  Thank you."

"First of all, the colors/graphics are beautiful.  A very pleasing aesthetic.  And it's fast.  I placed an order - very simple and easy to navigate."

We are so glad to hear from everyone.  Thank you!  And for those who have not yet tried it out, give it a whirl.

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