Summer Beverages

If you're tired of just serving plain old iced tea, never fear - we have some recipes to jazz things up. We've done various versions at the Tea Room and the most popular are Tea Lemonades and Tea Spritzers. Try Jasmine Lemonade - mix equal parts jasmine tea and lemonade or if you want it more tangy, 1 part tea, 3 parts Lemonade. You can make your own lemonade or start with a mix. Crystal Lite or some other sugar-free version can give you a healthful beverage. Add some slices of fresh lemon and sit out on the deck and read that favorite book!

Tea Spritzers are combinations of tea, fruit juices and a dash of seltzer. They have more body than Iced Tea or Lemonade. For the fruit juice, we recommend a fruit puree or fruit smoothie mix or nectar rather than plain juice. Start with a tall glass and fill it 1/3 with iced tea, 1/3 with fruit juice and top it off with seltzer. Great combinations are Peach tea x Apricot juice x seltzer or Citrus Green Tea x Pear fruit juice x seltzer.

For pizazz, add sliced grapes or sliced strawberries to your glass and then pour Iced Tea. And show off your pitcher of Iced Tea sangria-style, filled with slices of fresh fruit. Amaze your guests!
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