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"The path to Heaven passes through a teapot"
Ancient Proverb

But what if you don't have a Teapot? We can help. After trying many different styles and makes of Teapots, Infusers, Strainers, Filters and Timers, we've narrowed them down to these selections. We use these ourselves, at home and in our Tea Room. They work. They're easy to use. And clean.

Anyone can make a perfect cup of tea. Every time. Without any hassle. All you need is the right teaware. Just select one of our essential Tea Accessories. It makes every cup a perfect cup.

    • Fine mesh brew basket to steep any tea perfectly. Dishwasher safe.
    • Brew Basket

      This is the infuser basket we recommend. The mesh is fine enough to be suitable for all leaf sizes and the lid serves double duty as a coaster. Each comes individually boxed. Easy to clean, lasts a lifetime!  Dishwasher safe. Height: Approx.2.75" Top Diameter: Just under 3" Bottom Diameter: 1.75"

      $ 6.00
    • Disposable Filters - Silver Tips Tea's Accessories
    • Disposable Filters

      Disposable Paper Filters to make your own "tea bags" at home or when you're on the go. 100 per box.

      $ 6.00
    • Infuser Basket - Open Mesh

      Use this infuser basket in your favorite mug or teapot - at home or in the office. Great for travel. 2" deep (height)Inside Opening 2.5" in diameterFrom edge to edge including infuser rims - 4.75"  

      $ 5.00
    • LUCIDITY Glass Teapot
    • LUCIDITY Glass Teapot

      This attractive Glass Teapot is perfect for watching your favorite Loose Leaf Teas as they steep. It's ideal for Flowering Teas or your favorite Green Tea.  It holds approximately 26 ounces and comes with a stainless steel strainer.  Experience the beauty. Individually boxed for safe transit and easy gifting! Volume: 825 ml...

      $ 32.00
    • Saara Mug, Red - Silver Tips Tea's Teapots/Mugs/Cups
    • AWAKEN Red Infuser Mug

      A well-made Porcelain Tea Mug with an excellent, uniform glaze. Dishwasher Safe. Steel Infuser included.  Also available in White. Volume: 11.8 fl. oz. Height: Approx. 3.5" without lid, Approx. 4" with lid

      $ 16.00
    • Tea Time Mug *3 LEFT* Sale
    • Tea Time Mug *3 LEFT*

      *LAST 3 IN STOCK* A well-made ceramic mug with a sturdy handle and the words "tea time" on the front. Holds a generous 10 ounces. Available in  a warm Red or Green, speckled at the bottom, striped on the top. Volume: Approx. 10 ouncesHeight: Approx. 4"

      $ 11.00 $ 6.50
    • Blue Canister
    • Blue Canister

      An attractive, old-fashioned blue-patterned canister with the inscription, "Where There's Tea There's Hope". A fine sentiment indeed!  Well-made with a tight-fitting detachable lid, stands 3.25" high without the lid, holds approx. 4 ounces of tea. Height: Approx. 3.25" without lidWidth: Approx. 2.5"Depth: 2.5"Volume: Approx. 4 oz

      $ 4.00
    • Green Canister - A rich Hunter Green Metal Canister to store your world-class teas - Silver Tips Tea's Accessories
    • Green 'Tea' Canister

      A rich Hunter Green Metal Canister to store your world-class teas. Well made with a good closing lid. The word 'Tea' is etched on each side and on the lid.   Height: Approx. 3.5" without the lid Width: 2.5" Depth: 2.5" 

      $ 4.00
    • Brown TEA Canister
    • Brown TEA Canister

      Our only canister with an attached hinged lid. This is a brownish-red patterned canister that is ideal for storing your fine loose leaf tea with the appropriate words "Let's Have Some Tea" on the front panel.  Holds approx. 3.5 oz of a regular sized leaf. Height: Approx. 3.7" with a hinged lid Width:  3" Depth: ...

      $ 4.00
    • Perfect Cup Tea Scoop - Silver Tips Tea's Accessories
    • Perfect Cup Tea Scoop

      Helps you to measure the correct amount for your perfect cup of tea every time.

      $ 5.00
    • Tea Timer

      Take the guess work out of steeping your tea. Set your timer and when it beeps, you're done! Battery included. Individually boxed.

      $ 9.00 $ 6.50
    • Matcha Whisk - Made with premium bamboo and delicately crafted, the 100 fine prongs will whisk a deliciously frothy cup to ensure an authentic Matcha experience - Silver Tips Tea's Accessories
    • Matcha Whisk

      Our Matcha Bamboo Whisk (chasen) helps you discover Matcha at its best.  Made with premium bamboo and delicately crafted, the 100 fine prongs will whisk a deliciously frothy cup to ensure an authentic Matcha experience.   If you need Matcha, we have that too - in specially packed 2 ounce...

      $ 13.00


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