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Earl Grey Creme

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Elegant long leaf black tea with blue flowers, bergamot and a hint of vanilla cream flavoring. Inviting and fragrant. Sometimes called Cream Earl Grey.

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Full of Flavor

Lightly scented with real oil of bergamot and sweet vanilla, it has a rich, velvety, creamy flavor you'd love. You can drink it black or with milk. It also makes a delicious latte.

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Steeping Instructions

Use 1 tsp. of leaf per 8 oz. cup.
Pour boiling water over leaves.
Steep 4 mins.

Tea Education

Regular Earl Grey can be overwhelmingly fragrant for some. 'Too perfumey' is the comment we sometimes hear. To tone this down, we added a hint of vanilla which gives it a balanced creamy note while still retaining the characteristic taste of Bergamot which is what makes any Tea and Earl Grey Tea. Try our other variations - Baroness Grey which has a hint of orange, or Lavender Earl Grey. We offer both organic and non-organic versions in our extensive Earl Grey collection as well as a Decaf.