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A mellow organic Darjeeling with a hint of Organic China Jasmine tea. Great with dessert or just to sip and contemplate the day just gone by.


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Delicious Green Tea with subtle hint of Jasmine!

As a lifelong tea drinker, Jasmine tea has always been one of my favorites. Most of the time tea producers mix a lot of Jasmine flowers in an average blend of tea leaves. This Remembrance Tea from Silver Tips is the opposite of those lesser teas. Remembrance has a wonderful aroma and taste of Jasmine, without being too flowery or over-powering. This subtle blend lets the quality of the green tea come through in every sip, while the pleasant taste and fragrance of Jasmine adds to its flavor. Remembrance is my first choice when buying Jasmine tea from Silver Tips - and I love buying it every couple of months when I run out!

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Steeping Instructions

Use 1 tsp. leaf per  8 oz. cup.  
Pour boiling water over leaves.  
Steep 3 mins.