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This is the chai served at weddings and festivals from Bombay to Jaipur. There, it’s steeped in huge pots. Temple Chai is a celebration of simple ingredients: tea, green cardamom, vanilla, milk, and sugar. Bring this warm, comforting spice blend into your home and make every day a joyous occasion with just a simple cup of Temple Chai.  Be generous with the quantity of leaf per cup or it will be too watery.

You can enjoy chai in a number of satisfying ways. This loose-leaf chai blend is delicious hot or iced. Add whipped cream or ice cream to turn this chai into a sweet treat!

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Steeping Instructions

Use 1 heaped tbsp. of chai per 8 oz. cup.

Pour boiling water over leaves.

Steep 5 mins.

Add 1/3 cup heated milk and 1 tsp. sugar.

Tea Education

The best way to enjoy Temple Chai is to brew it properly and with the right equipment. It’s not difficult and it doesn’t require much research, but steeping a proper cup makes a world of difference. To learn how to make your cup of loose leaf chai the right way, visit our Tea Basics and FAQ pages. If you need a reliable strainer, timer, teapot, or infuser, browse our collection of tea accessories.

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