Decaffeinated Teas

If you are caffeine conscious, we have numerous choices for you.  In addition to this section which  consists of decaffeinated teas - Teas from which caffeine has been removed - we have other sections which include Herbal blends, Rooibos from South Africa and Fruit Tisanes.  Please check out all of them for our complete offering of decaf/non-caffeinated selections.  Fruits, herbs, Rooibos and edible plants infused like tea fall under the catch-all phrase Herbal 'Tea' despite their complete absence of tea (Camellia Sinensis).  We recommend Rooibos, Fruit Tisanes and Herbals for those truly trying to avoid caffeine. Here's a guide:

Decaf- May have a very slight amount of Caffeine but is real Tea. A note on the leaf style of the Decaf teas:  Currently lots are a small finely-cut broken leaf which produces a darker cup.  Over the next several weeks, we will be changing over to a larger leaf style which may not be quite as strong.  This is dictated purely by availability of decaf leaf as it is a difficult item to procure. You may have to use more leaf and steep for a longer time to achieve more body in the cup.
Rooibos- Naturally without caffeine and has a nice body to the cup. 
Fruit Tisanes - A blend of fruits, flowers and flavoring - no caffeine.
Herbals - Naturally without caffeine.  Includes the well-known peppermint and chamomile.
For 5,000 years, herbs have played a major role in healing in many different cultures.  We recommend that you store your herbs in the refrigerator or freezer, particularly during warmer temperatures, to prevent pest infestation.  Milk is not recommended with Fruit Tisanes or Herbs.

    • Toasted Almond - Apple, chipped almonds, cinnamon & beetroot pieces with flavoring - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Toasted Almond

      Apple, chipped almonds, cinnamon and beetroot pieces with flavoring. Low in acidity, aromatic, comforting! Hugely popular. A warm cup & popular winter blend. Read more about Toasted Almond, our runaway bestseller, on our Blog here. Allergens: Almonds. Use 1 heaped Tbsp. tisane per 8 oz. cup.Pour boiling water over leaves....

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