Flowering Teas

A Flowering Tea is an artisanal tea, hand-tied to achieve pure beauty when infused in water.  They are sometimes known as Blooming Teas or Display Teas.  They begin with tender green leaves which are then sized, grouped together, folded down and tied to create a ball.  Flowers are then carefully threaded through.  It is meticulous and painstaking work, done with precision and skill and the results are breathtaking. 

We have several in our collection including the exquisite double strands of flower in Double Happiness or one of our stunning Jasmines. Try the Flowering Tea Sampler if you would like to try a few.  Allow yourself a few moments of escape - revel in the beauty! Enjoy the time-lapse video posted by one of our customers at our Tea Room.

Was here and grabbed a time-lapse video of one of your flowering teas. Figured I'd share it:

    • Green flowering tea with lychee flavor with jasmine and lotus flower New Products
    • Lychee Flowering Tea

      Lychee Flowering Tea - Green tea, a string of Jasmine flowers and a Lotus flower, with the delicious taste of Lychee.  Packaged in 1-ounce canisters.  Use 1 Tea Ball per for 16 oz. water. Steep 4-5 mins. until the flower has unfurled fully. Multiple infusions encouraged. Ideally steeped in a glass...

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