Makaibari, at last....

Rajah took me on a garden walk - an euphemistic name for a hard 3-hour trek - through some of the most spectacular hills and valleys I've ever seen. We walked down steep mountain trails, surrounded by tea bushes all in wondrous first flush, bordered by thick forests in a hundred shades of green. The depth of diversity in the foliage was astounding. The trails were littered with leaves and grass, a sure sign of the rich humus and soil wealth on the estate.

Rajah Banerjee is the 4th generation planter in an unbroken line since 1859 and the current owner of Makaibari. He lives and breathes the spirit of Makaibari.

We stopped at villages, saw composts, bio-gas facillities and, of course, tea pluckers. Enjoy the images. I was humbled to be amongst such beauty. (You can click on the images for a larger view).