Who's Who at Makaibari

The success of any organization is in its people and so it is with Makaibari. Rajah Banerjee is the visionary. He charts the course and embodies its spirit. Debabrata Majumder (Dev to all), is the Senior Manager (pictured outside the steps to the Office). He accompanied me on my treks through the garden and spent many hours explaining the nuances of individual valleys and turns of the estate. Durga is the dedicated soul who ensures each day's production is set up for sampling and pours countless cups of tea daily for each visitor. Each cup is steeped to perfection and served in china cups. And there's my sister, Srirupa, the overseer of the ever-expanding domestic sector for Makaibari, here explaining the many complexities to the 6th generation of Banerjees, her grandson, Veer.
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