A high-end Makaibari green tea is to be served to VIPs at the Beijing Olympics. This is carrying coals to Newcastle on a grand scale. The national media in India has recently been a flutter with news on Makaibari. Last week, Rajah's book was launched in Delhi where the Ministers of Forest and Tourism were in attendance, extolling the contributions of Makaibari to the environment and its fine teas. Here is the Press Trust news clipping on Makaibari at the Beijing Olympics: VIP guests at the Beijing Olympics would get to savour Darjeeling tea sent by a Kolkata-based company, Makaibari Tea Estate. Manager of Makaibari Tea Estate P K Chakrabarti said that a Chinese collaborator had sought tea from its Makaibari tea garden located in Darjeeling. Accordingly, the company had sent a consignment of 33kilograms of Makaibari tea to China. He said that the tea would be exclusively sampled and distributed to the VIP guests attending the Beijing Olympics. The average price of the tea was around Rs 8,000 per kilogram. (This is approx. $200/kg. or $90/lb.)