Tea leaves in Composts

Used tea leaves are great for composts. All over England, tea leaves are routinely emptied into rose bushes and gardens thrive. I've been searching for that solution for our Tea Room and may have finally hit upon a serendipitous partnership.

While at the tearoom last Sunday, a casual conversation about Going Green unearthed this wonderful opportunity. Jenny and Michael Ambrozek were curious about Silver Tips running on 100% Green Power - how did we do it, where was it available, who did we partner with. After providing them the details, I told them my next step was to find a local CSA (Community Sustainable Agriculture)or similar alternative where our tea leaves could be picked up once a week to be taken to a compost. Voila! My composting family was before me! Apparently, this is how they tend their garden and we're going to try our first run next week and see how it works.

We also talked about one of our favorite spots across the bridge in Rockland County - Hungry Hollow Co-op which has a biodynamic farm, a Rudolf Steiner Fellowship Community and one of the best little organic/biodynamic stores in these parts.

So, keep tuned. I will update you on our tea leaves and their journey back to the earth.