Lotus Candlestick Jasmine

This was such a great hit at our Tea Tasting that I thought it deserved its 15 minutes of fame. Lotus Candlestick is a Flowering Tea. Variously called Artisan Teas, Handcrafted Teas, Art Teas or Blooming Teas, these are miniature works of art. Hand tied and sewn to form beautiful shapes when infused, they begin with bundles of green leaves, often rolled with jasmine buds. Some unfurl to a flower in the middle. They come in all shapes and sizes from buttons to large rosettes. They have a pleasant, floral aroma and a naturally sweet taste. Flowers typically used are globe amaranth, chrysanthemum, osmanthus, lily, jasmine and hibiscus.

It is uncertain whether flowering teas are an ancient tradition or a recent innovation. Nonetheless, they are now offered by numerous tea companies and packaged with a clear teapot or glass mug to fully involve all the senses and experience the magical unfolding. Here's our Lotus Candlestick in full bloom.